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VOLUME 26, NUMBER 5. October 2004

Club Notes
 MendipNorthForeign, Mines & Mining
The French Comte (Doubs Area) Visitor Information
Caving in the Abode of the Clouds - Meghalaya 2004
unters Hole
An Impromptu Trip To a Very Wet Swildons
Leaping Around in Swildons Hole
Longwood Revisited
The Great Irish Trip
anor Farm On An Expensive Day
ats Nest Cave
Explorer Scouts On Mendip
Mina de Fuente Escondida

VOLUME 26, NUMBER 4, March 2004

Contents include:
Jura/Doubs May 2003
Romania Whitsun 2002
La Grande Riverre Souterraine de Chauveroche
Une Grande Day Out - The Verneau Thro' Trip
Aggie Trip July 03
Wet Sink / Slaughter Stream
Otter Hole On The Longest Day
A Wet Weekend
Too Tight To Mention
Derbyshire Meet
Cave Racers Do Eat Dead Bats

VOLUME 26, NUMBER 3, June 2003

Cerberus Fame In The Climbing World
Dye Tracing Weekend
Inside Clifton Suspension Bridge
Caving In The Abode Of The Clouds - Meghalaya 2002
Aggie Revisited or (....)
Flat Out In Mangle
NAMHO Conference 2002

VOLUME 26, NUMBER 2, March 2002

Contents include:
The Ashwick Drainage Area
Harridge Wood Area Nature Reserves
Beacon Slocker, a new club dig
Gunung Lanno Expedition
The Oilbird Caves of Trinidad

VOLUME 26, NUMBER 1, September 2001

Contents include:
Thailand 2000-2001
Jura 2001
LED Lighting
Caving With Spirit Hunters

VOLUME 25, NUMBER 4, January 2001

Ardeche 2000
Tynings Rescue Practice
Sumatra 2000

VOLUME 25, NUMBER 3, October 2000

Contents include:
Trip reports: Thrupe Lane Round Trip, Derbyshire Meet
South Thailand Recce
Tin Mining in Malaysia
Migrants In New Zealand
Radstock Museum

VOLUME 25, NUMBER 2, April 2000

Contents include:
Viagra Rift, Shatter Cave; Stockhill Workings;
Madagascar 99.
BMC Climb 99.

VOLUME 25, NUMBER 1, December 1999

Contents include: Trip reports: Thrupe Lane High Atlas, James Hall's Over Engine Mine, East Twin rescue practice report, Madagascar '99 preliminary report.
Jura 1999 Expedition Report
Schauinsland Mine, Alsace, France 

VOLUME 24, NUMBER 5, December 1998

Club News: Club Digs, UK Trip Reports
Caving News: Mendip, Wales, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Devon, Foreign
An Evaluation Of The Effects Of Blasting at Fairy Cave Quarry
The Story Of Cave Man - An Evolutionary Account of Home Sapiens Sapiens
Madagascar - ACG Expedition Recce Trip
Cerberus Trale II - The Ale Trail

VOLUME 24, NUMBER 4, September 1998

Club News: Club Digs, UK Trip Reports, Foreign Trip Reports
Caving News: Mendip, Wales, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Foreign
Mining News
Climbing News
Mendip References in Club Publications
Access to the Open Countryside - A Consultation Paper, Comments of the National Caving Association
Time Tunnels

VOLUME 24, NUMBER 3, April 1998

Club Notes
Caving News: Mendip, Wales, Forest of Dean, Derbyshire, Devon & Cornwall, Yorkshire, Foreign
Annual Rescue Practice 1996
Review Of Recent Club Activities
Digging In Streaks Pot
The Forest Of Dean Free Miners
A Chronological History of Bath Stone Quarrying
The Second Axbridge Caving Group Expedition to Perlis, Malaysia
Vercor - Whitsun 1997
Cave Logic Problem
Extracts From The Log


Club Notes
Caving News
National Caving Politics: CSCC NCA Rep Report on Current Situation, CNCC Proposal for New NCA Structure: Overview, The Evolution and Structure of the National Caving Association.
ACG Expedition to Perlis, W Malaysia
Local Water
Something To Do On A Sunday


Club Notes

Caving News: General: New NCA Publications, National Cave RegisterMendip: Hopeful Rescue, Priddy Green Sink, Honeymead HoleWales: Tooth Cave, Llethrid Swallet, SWCC Permits, Ogof Draenen, Jackdaw Quarry Cave Derbyshire: Knotlow Cavern Devon & Cornwall: Bakers Pit Yorkshire: Dale Barn Cave, Settle Water Sports Foreign: Croatia, France, U.S.A
Nenthead Mines
Priddy Green Sink
Timber Hole Digging Weekend
Club Digs Update
Gua Tempurung, Malaysia
Chislehurst Caves
Cosgrove Mine
Valley Field Sink, Devon


Club Notes

Caving News: General: Outdoor Activity Centers, Cave Artists; Mendip: Withybrook Slocker, Singing River Mine, Tynings Barrow Cave, Compton Martin Ochre Mine, Swildons; Wales: Ogof Draenen, Derbyshire: Mandale Mine, DMM's; Devon & Cornwall: Radford Cave, Bakers Pit & Afton Red Rift, Dog Hole; Foreign: Australia, Malaysia, Roumania, New Caledonia.
Timber Hole - An Overview
Timber Hole - The CSS Dig
Little Crapnel Swallet
Dark Cave, Batu Caves, Malaysia
Archaeological Discoveries in Kelantan Caves, Malaysia
Abseiling Safety


Club Notes

Caving News General: Hidden Earth Conference, National Cave Centre, Limestone Pavements, Expedition Funding; Mendip: Wookey Hole, Swildons, Little Crapnell Swallet, Priddy Green Sink, Ban From Charterhouse Caves, Longwood Swallet/Rhino Rift; Wales: Porth Yr Ogof, Bridge/ Little Neath, SWCC Permit Sec, Ogof Draenen, Llangatwg Management Committee; Derbyshire: Eldon Quarry, Carlswark; Yorkshire: George Cornes, Kingsdale, Barons Cave - Reigate; Foreign: Israel, China, Hawaii, Malaysia, Australia.
Mining Remains On The Isle Of Man
The Larkshall Slocker Nodules
Gua Tempurung, West Malaysia
1995 Rescue Practice - Pierres Pot

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